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PaySky's OMNI Payment gateway.

1 December 2018

PaySky's OMNI Payment gateway becomes the FIRST payment gateway in the world certified to accept the new Egyptian debit scheme "MEEZA" enabling PaySky's merchants to accept the Egyptian market's latest and most promising payment method widely adopted by major Egyptian banks and strongly backed by the Egyptian government.

PaySky partners with CIB - Egypt.

5 December 2018

PaySky rolls-out next-generation payment solutions with Commercial International bank of Egypt (CIB) at major retail chains in Egypt. As a first step in a long road-map of mutual cooperation in the Egyptian market.

PaySky Egypt at Fintech Hive

1 December 2018

PaySky, Inc. had an amazing day with hashtag#Fintech Market-shapers and Investors at Fintech Hive at DIFC "Investor's day" where our founder & CEO, Waleed H. Sadek presented PaySky's vision & disruptive plans in the region & beyond.

YALLA Payment services

25 September 2018

"YALLA Payment services merchant network" is expanding to cover all of Egypt, when you see the YALLA Sign, you can pay for your purchases by your Card or Mobile Wallet and pay your bills & make Mobile Top-ups. Yalla .. The new Way to Pay.
Yalla is a payment service offered by PaySky for merchants and consumers to seamlessly pay & get paid.

PaySky Egypt at Fintech Hive

19 September 2018

PaySky is really excited to have been selected by DIFC FinTech Hive - Dubai among a few remarkable startups in Cohort of 2018 Acceleration program, an impactful entrance to the dynamic UAE market extending PaySky's proposition to more consumers, business & financial institutions..

Arab Financial inclusion day PaySky Egypt

27 April 2018

Cairo, Egypt - Arab Financial inclusion day PaySky Egypt has a great announcement to make on the occasion of the "Arab Financial Inclusion day" (27/4/2018) Launching a massive platform with one of its strategic partners in the Egyptian market that will change the way Egyptians pay and share in realizing PaySky Inc's vision of "Democratizing e-Payments". Stay Tuned..

4th bank to partner with PaySky

March 2018

Bank Misr Egypt becomes the 4th bank (out of 6 acquirers in Egypt) to partner with PaySky to expand its payment acceptance infrastructure in Egypt, changing the game with PaySky payment solutions.

Card-On-Delivery solution for Jumia Egypt

December 2017

PaySky Egypt & AAIB bank disrupts the e-commerce status-quo in the Middle East by launching "Card-On-Delivery solution" for Jumia Egypt ( - based on PaySky's PayBox Solution - to tackle the 80% cash-on-delivery situation in the Middle East, and the results were SPECTACULAR! The customers get to enjoy the safety and convenience of paying by Cards on MiniPOS with no concerns over using their cards online. A real case study for e-commerce players in the region to benefit from. To discuss your payments & collections optimization needs, please contact our Payment solutions team at:

Arab African International bank selects PaySky as its partner

December 2017

Arab African International bank ( - the leading bank in Egypt - selects PaySky as its partner for the provision of its payment acceptance infrastructure based on PaySky's revolutionary PaySky PayBox for AAIB's merchants all over Egypt. A partnership set to change the way Egyptians pay.

CIB selects PaySky to provide MiniPOS solution

October 2017

PaySky was selected by Commercial international bank of Egypt (CIB) to provide MiniPOS solution to CIB's merchants. Another great Milestone for PaySky in Egypt with one of the leading banks in the region, working towards growing electronic payments acceptance footprint and realizing our vision of "Democratizing e-payments".

PaySky provide NBE with MiniPOS acceptance

October 2017

PaySky was selected by National bank of Egypt (NBE) to provide NBE with MiniPOS acceptance solution for Mobile Collection & Card-on-delivery service for thousands of customers in Egypt, powered by PaySky PayBox & PaySky payment gateway. Join our partners of success and explore how PaySky can help you improve your revenue collection by writing to one of our solutions consultants at: